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Factors to Consider When Designing a Bathroom for All Seasons

Most of the time, people design bathrooms without considering how the different seasons of the weather will affect it. A bathroom should be designed to fit all seasons.Whether it is cold or warm, it should be able to be adjustable to the climate. It will save you costs of redesigning your bathroom if you consider it first. Below are great tips for designing a bathroom for all seasons.

The windows should be adjustable to the weather. For windows which are perfect for both the winter and summer seasons, consider installing double glazed windows, which can tilt and turn. For keeping the bathroom warm, double glazed windows help a lot. The window can be tilted slightly to allow shower steam to go out after using the shower.When the weather is warm during summer, the whole window can be tilted to the fullest angle to allow fresh air inside.

It is worthwhile to consider installing a bidet in your bathroom compared to using toilet paper. This is preferred because it avoids bacteria and germs to be spread into the house.It is also very hygienic compared to the normal toilet paper. It is advisable to consider Benjamin Franklin plumbing to install a bidet in your bathroom.

In addition to this, always choose neutral colors for your bathroom d?cor. In any weather, dull colors look weird and bright colors also do not look good during winter.It is therefore wise to paint your bathroom walls in neutral colors to avoid repainting them with every season.

Subsequently, lighting in the bathroom should be bright.This is to allow enough light into the bathroom even in the dull winter period. It is advisable to put large windows are allow natural light inside the bathroom.At the same time, include decorative mirrors which improve the look of your bathroom.

Further to this, Smart tech is a common thing in today’s modern bathrooms.This involves smart heaters which can be controlled through your phone by turning them on and off. Assuming you are out and the temperature changes, you are able to use your phone to control it.

It is advisable to install heated floors in your house. They are either electric or hydronic. This helps to avoid stepping on cold floors because they heat them up during the winter season.Steam showers also help a great deal during cold weather as they provide comfort during shower time. You do not have to get chills while showering. Also, it is important to get a towel warmer for your bathroom because it helps you to get a warm towel straight after showering. When all these facilities are installed in your bathroom, you will never regret during any particular season.