Resolve Windows 8 problem in PC Configuration Problem?

Nowadays, if anybody needs an operating system for PC then Windows 8 comes at the primary position.This is because it offers amazing features which are utilitarian for both official tasks and personal use.Sometimes, the configuration issue emerges when Windows 8 shows error screen on startup. To eradicate pitfalls, check the computer specification related to processor, memory and operating system. Although it is very easy to check PC specs but if you need any help then take guidance from our experts.

Users face some common troubles in Windows 8 which are discussed as:-

Black Screen – It occurs when we forcibly turn off the computer and restart again.It determines the previous restart attempt was not successful.

Issue with POP3 mail Email Accounts- Windows 8 is not compatible with the POP mail so it does not support them. Use a different email application such as Gmail, Yahoo to check POP mail.

Fail to configure window updates- When you try to install Window update then you can view failing messages.To fix this, restart Windows and install updates in a clean boot state.Don’t forget to unplug removable media before restarting the process.

Remove Windows Warning Error -If your computer is infected with virus then such unwanted bugs occur.It is necessary to remove such malware because that can interfere with PC’s normal startup sequence.

Windows 8 crashing – Blue screen occurs when windows have crashed due to driver compatibility.Although, windows get rebooted automatically after the blue screen of death occurs.To fix this, click on Troubleshoot in Advanced Startup option.Now click on Startup settings and go to Safe mode. For more information, press Windows key + X and open Event Viewer.In this section, you can easily detect application and system issues.

Let’s discuss a few methods to resolve Windows 8 annoyances:-

If you are facing booting errors then try disabling hybrid boot. Click on Start and type Power Settings.Now choose settings and make a click on “Change what the power buttons do” option.Now click on “Change settings that are currently unavailable” option.After this, uncheck the Turn on fast startup option and save changes.

You can install Windows 8 using installer disc or USB drive.Go to Troubleshoot screen and click on Refresh PC option.This will reset system file into default state and fix the booting blunders.

Use Automatic Repair is a recovery feature which is used when Windows 8 does not start normally. To start the recovery process, go to Start Screen and search for an Advanced option.Now go to Settings click on Advanced Startup Option.Go to general PC setting screen and choose Advanced Startup.Now click on Restart option and you will see Advanced Startup menu.Select Troubleshoot option and click on Advanced options.When the screen opens, click on Automatic Repair.During the repairing process, PC may reboot.However, this procedure will take a lot of time and the user has to maintain some patience.After this, you can shut down or start another tool.

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