Smart Ideas: Jammers Revisited

A Guide to Signal Jamming

In order that a radio signal it interrupted or dislocated a signal jammer must be used. It becomes hard to transmit or receive signals if this signal jammer is used because it disrupts cellular phones. Signal jammers are usually wireless and they are used by interfering with cell phones. It is possible to use them to interfere WLAN known as wireless local area networks that simultaneously lead to manufacture and development of other jammers like wireless video jammers, WI-FI and Bluetooth jammer as well as network jammers. Sophisticated and hi-tech jammers which can lead to satellite

Through electronic signal jammers it becomes hard to interfere with electronics that are perfectly working. Normally these jammers are regulated and used by the authorities but their main purpose is to jam phone communication cellular lines. Once portable cellular phones are damaged it is impossible to receive or transmit because the base station and phone connection has been interfered with. With a small electromagnet it is not proved how a human body can be damaged but the damage can be on a cellular phone.

A cellular phone jammer is the most common. This is because it is able to stop and make it hard for a cellular phone to catch base station signals. It is possible to do by interfering with radio waves. A range of one to ten kilometers is easily covered by a normal signal jammer. But in a case of outdoor base stations due to their size and their difference, if a jammer is positioned correctly it is easy to effectively jam the GSM and CDMA cellular phones.

A GPS signal jammer is also commonly used. If the military want to jam a signal so that they can hide a GPStracking they use this type of signal.

Signals are not made from home. People not in the military attempt to make this jammers by concealinga vehicles location to ensure it can’t be traced by a GPS receiver. A range of ten meters is what this GPS jammer can cover.

As a result it is not easy for civilians to use the jamming signal. A Bluetooth jammer is included with a jammer that is multi-functional and is able to jam video or wi-fi. Disrupting and disabling Bluetooth devices, private video broadcasts and wireless LAN.

Signal jammers are ranked in categories depending on how they perform. Some signals are as big as a room and others just fit in a more shirt pocket. If a jammer is big it is then able to jammer a broader range. They all do not cost the same.