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How People Can Learn About Practical Spirituality Online

For centuries, spiritual seekers have left the confines of the city to seek solitude and spiritual realization by going out, like Thoreau, to seek solitude in the woods, believing that comfort and luxury were not a part of their spirituality. However, this view of spirituality no longer seems possible with our modern way of life. These days, if you want to experience spiritual truth and a more meaningful life, it is necessary to do so while participating in a completely modern life.

The term ‘spirituality’ has no universal definition or meaning. Your understanding of spirituality, therefore, will depend on what you believe it to be. Generally speaking, you could define spirituality as a concern with the non-material aspect of life and reality. For some people this means having little or no regard for material matters, wealth, comfort, or material life.

The result of this more or less traditional view of spirituality is that you have highly spiritual people who are broke all of the time, depending on donations and the kindness of others for their lot in life. Today there are millions of Americans who count themselves as ‘spiritual but not religious.’ For these people, it is necessary to find a more practical form of spirituality.

A more modern, practical approach to spirituality means that people can lead spiritual lives without neglecting the material aspect of their lives. From ancient times until the present, people with traditional spiritual views have left the ‘worldly life’ and went out into the forest to meditate, practice and study. There are also some spiritual sects that require you to give up your worldly life and live on a commune or work on a farm. For most people, this approach to spiritual knowledge is really alienating, especially those who want their spiritual teachings to improve their lives.

The best spiritual teachings for today are based on the fact that a spiritual life is supposed to be fulfilling, rewarding, and abundant. There have been many modern spiritual teachers who have helped people find spiritual teachings that can help them become more productive and effective people. The perfect example of a teacher like this is the abundance based teachings of Harv Eker whose online workshops have helped many people lead more abundant and richly rewarding lives.

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can bring spiritual teachings into your life to enhance your productivity and improve your quality of life, the best thing you can do is visit the website of a teacher like Harv Eker. To find out more about the abundance based teachings of practical spirituality, the easiest way to get started is by searching the web for the official website of a spiritual teacher like Harv Eker.

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